Frequently asked questions

How does trading work?


STEP 1: Offer creation

You can create a trade or receive an offer from another Tradeblock member.


STEP 2: Offer decision

You can accept, reject, or counter an offer.


Counter allows you to change the offer, whether it’s the shoes and/or the cash involved. Your counter offer won’t be sent until you confirm the new offer by selecting “Send Counter”.


STEP 3: Payment

As a proposer, you’ll review pricing and enter your payment and shipping details before sending an offer. If the other member accepts, you will be charged and expected to follow through with the trade. Once accepted, offers are binding.


Do not send offers you're not willing to commit to. If you back out or refuse to ship after your trade is accepted, you will not be refunded.

As a receiver when you accept an offer, you’ll review pricing and enter your payment and shipping details to confirm the trade. The trade will move directly to processing in your trade inbox.


*Any additional cash in a deal will not be charged until both shoes are authenticated.


STEP 4: Shipment

When both parties have confirmed the trade, you each will receive a UPS shipping label that you’ll use to send your sneakers to one of our authentication centers for inspection. You will have 72 hours to ship your shoes including Sundays and holidays. If you’re trading multiple sneakers, please ship them all in a single box.


STEP 5: Authentication

All sneakers traded on the platform go through a detailed and comprehensive 2 factor authentication process. All shoes go through a physical and digital inspection. Once all shoes in a trade have been authenticated, we ship your new shoes out to you!

How is authentication handled?

We’ve partnered with expert authenticators around the country to make sure every shoe we touch is thoroughly inspected before we ship them out to their new owners. In addition to the physical inspection, we also use a digital check for verification. If we have any doubts about the authenticity of a shoe, we reject it. We'd rather reject a real shoe than risk letting a fake through our system.


What are the trade fees?

Our base service fee is $25. We charge $10 for each additional shoe up to a total of $45 for three shoes.

In addition to the service fee, we charge $15 for shipping, plus standard sales tax and payment processing fees.

I added cash to a trade, but haven’t been charged or I am expecting cash, but haven’t received it. Why is that?

All additional cash involved in a trade will be held until all shoes have been authenticated. Once authentication is passed, we charge your account (if you’re offering the cash) or transfer the money to your Tradeblock wallet (if you’re receiving the cash).


We want to avoid the mishandling of cash exchanges until we know you’re getting exactly what you asked for.

How does the Tradeblock wallet work?

When you receive cash in a trade, we add it to your Tradeblock Wallet. You can view your Wallet balance at any time in the Account Information page of your profile settings.

If you leave the cash in your wallet, it is automatically applied to any future trades.


You can also transfer the cash to your bank by connecting a bank account. This can be done by selecting “View” then “Add bank account” under your Wallet on the Account Information page.

How long do I have to ship?

Once a trade has been agreed upon, you have 72 hours to ship your shoes via UPS using the shipping label included with your accepted trade. The 72 hours does include Sundays and holidays, so don't wait until the last minute! We strongly encourage you to drop your shoes at a UPS store and ask them to scan your package at checkout.

How should I ship multiple shoes?

If you are trading away multiple shoes, you need to pack them in one box using the shipping label included with your accepted trade. If you ship in multiple boxes, your trade will be canceled, your shoes will be returned, and you will not receive a refund.

How long does it take to receive my shoes after I confirm a trade?

Trades typically take 7-10 business days to complete once both parties have shipped their shoes. Some trades may take slightly longer based on how far packages have to travel to and from our authentication centers.



How do I track my shoes and the shoes I’m receiving?

You will receive notifications in the app at each major step of the process.


Notifications include when your shoes: 

  • Are in-transit to the authentication center

  • Have arrived at the authentication center

  • Are verified and authentication is complete

  • Are on the way to you

  • Have been delivered


What’s your refund policy?

You will receive an automatic refund when:

  • You accept a trade and the other party fails to confirm within the 72-hour window

  • The other party confirms, but fails to ship within the 72-hour window

  • The other party’s shoes are rejected during authentication


*Refunds can take anywhere from 3 to 5 business days to process.


You will NOT receive a refund if a trade is cancelled because of an issue with your shoes.


This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Sending fake shoes

  • Sending shoes in the wrong size

  • Not including the correct box and accessories