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The Process


Quality Control

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Ensuring authenticity is our top priority. Our team of expert authenticators thoroughly inspect every single product that comes through our facility. The physical inspection includes, but is not limited to, examining the material, structure, stitching, color, and labeling of every item.

Since we allow both new and used products on Tradeblock, our team ensures that the condition, packaging and accessories of each product are consistent with its listing in the app by comparing the physical product to the images and notes posted, to ensure that each member receives exactly what they were expecting.

Unlike other marketplaces, we empower our members to make the ultimate decision if there are any questions about small QC issues. If we confirm the authenticity of an item but identify small quality issues (ie. small glue stains, slight dents in a box, etc.), we inform the member who is set to receive that item and let them decide if they want to proceed with the trade or not.

We are the first and only company to put items through a two-factor authentication where items are deemed authentic by our own in-house authenticators and a third-party digital authentication service.

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