Trader Feature - Seattle Sneaker Guy

In this series, we highlight the community members that are on the block with us. From

collectors to resellers to new enthusiasts, this series will introduce you to the members of

Tradeblock that are using the platform everyday & they will provide you with tips and tricks on

getting some trades done.

Enter Aaron Freeman aka the Seattle Sneaker Guy. You might know him from Tiktok. Despite

creating on tiktok, Aaron’s favorite sneaker is a Jordan 1 Mid, specifically the Blu the Great

collaboration. Tiktok as a platform has been hating on mids for awhile but that doesn’t stop

Aaron from appreciating the silhouette.

Let’s hear from Aaron:

Izzy: Tell me a bit about yourself

My name is Aaron Freeman aka the SeattleSneakerGuy. I am a healthcare worker by

day, TikTok influencer by nights. Originally from Fresno Ca, 559 represent.

Izzy: What’s your favorite shoe ever?

My favorite sneaker ever is definitely the Blue the Great Jordan 1 Mid. That’s right, a

Jordan 1 mid. I love the colorway utilizing all the primary colors. The red, blue, yellow,

and green tie together so nicely against the aged midsole. Plus, all the different patterns

used make this an iconic collab. Also, blue the great is the best human. Love his work.

Izzy: What’s one silhouette that’s super slept on?

It’s actually not slept on as much anymore, but the Jordan 3. It’s timeless, classic, and

aesthetically pleasing. It goes with shorts and pants. It is for the winter or the summer.

Great silhouette in my opinion.

Izzy: What was your #1 release of 2021?

Most definitely the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3, is that even a question? Sneaker of the year

for sure. Maybe Top 5 Jordan’s of all time.

Izzy: When did you first jump on Tradeblock?

About a year and a half ago. Kept seeing people post and talk about it. Wanted to see

what all the hype was about.

Izzy: What was your first trade?

My lunar eclipse East SB for lightning 4’s & city market dunks .

Izzy: Are you a reseller, collector or a bit of both?

Collector. I leave the reselling to the pros.

Izzy: Based on your answer to the previous question, how do you use Tradeblock to help

you collect/resell/a bit of both?

It definitely helps me avoid resell most times because I am able to trade releases I get

for retail for pairs I would normally have to pay resell for. Tradeblock is my go to when I

miss a sneaker release.

Izzy: What are your trade tips/hacks?

Shooters shot. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Send an offer, you never

know the response you’re going to get back.

Izzy: What’s your Tradeblock username?


Izzy: What size are you?


Izzy: What’s on your wishlist?

Right now, my top priority is the Union 2’s

Izzy: Why should someone jump on Tradeblock?

Look, I’ve been a Sneakerhead for a long time. This app changed how the culture is. I

really love this app. If you hate paying resell on your grails jump on here and find what

you’ve always dreamed of. I guarantee someone is dreaming about what you have


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