How to Successfully Trade Your Sneakers on Tradeblock with These 5 Hacks

Congrats! You FINALLY jumped on Tradeblock to refresh your sneaker closet. You've got plenty of pairs of kicks that you're willing to swap, and you're excited about the possibilities of what you can get in return. So you add all of the sneakers you're ready to part with to your closet. You already know how the app works. It's pretty simple — you explore other sneakerheads' closets to find the grails you want. Next, you send your trade offers to other collectors or wait for someone to send you one. Once connected, you negotiate an offer. After this, you both ship your shoes to their Tradeblock official authentication center. Once verified, you get your grails in the mail!

It all seems so easy, right?

Except there's a snag — for whatever reason, you can't seem to get a trade going.

Don't worry. You aren't alone.

It's not your shoes; it may just be how you're using the platform. This isn't your fault either. We're slowly rolling out a guide on the best practices of trading on Tradeblock, and we're glad you found us.

First of all, let me introduce myself – I'm Izzy, the Head of Content at Tradeblock. I've completed my fair share of trades on the platform, and Tradeblock users are dope! Everyone is on the platform to work something out, and depending on the deal, you may have to do a little negotiation.

The good news?

Negotiation is a skill that can easily be taught.

The quick backstory here: My first trade on Tradeblock was my used Air Jordan 1 Obsidian's for another trader's Used Air Jordan 1 Shattered Backboard 3.0's, and their Air Jordan 1 Low Gold Toes. The reason why I am bringing this is is to share how this trader did a masterful job of negotiating with me. He used several strategies that pushed me to get the trade done, including having quality pictures of his shoes, offering to pay my trading fee, and even looking at my wishlist to make sure that he offered a pair that was on there.

I proceeded to take those Shattered Backboards & Gold Toes and traded them at a local sneaker shop for a pair of deadstock A Ma Maniere 3's (this was when the price was around $300 for my size.) It was the come up of the century.

So with all that being said, welcome to class; here are five trade hacks on how to get to your first trade on Tradebloc


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