It started as a simple question between friends:

"Why isn't there an easy and secure way to trade sneakers online?" 

Tony Malveaux, our co-founder and Director of Authentication, was the first to ask it back in 2009. A lifetime sneakerhead and former Footlocker employee, the idea for Tradeblock came to him as he played around with ESPN’s Trade Machine. He shared the idea with his best friend Darren Smith, our co-founder and COO. Excited, they poured into the idea for a while, but ultimately the idea was put on hold.


A decade later in 2019, the two found themselves discussing the idea once again. They had seen the emergence and growth of other sneaker marketplaces, but realized there was still no platform to trade sneakers. So they decided to build one.


To share the idea and to research what people want in a sneaker trading platform, Tony and Darren hit the streets and attended nearly every major US sneaker event in 2019.


They also brought in Mbiyimoh Ghogomu, our third co-founder and CEO, another high school friend and a former IBM and FinishLine employee to oversee the development of the business and product.


In August 2020, the team launched the Tradeblock beta for web. Since then, our platform has facilitated hundreds of trades, and the community has grown to over 15,000 members.

The Founders


Mbiyimoh Ghogomu

Chief Executive Officer


Darren Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Tony Malveaux

Director of Authentication